The meaning behind Slav’1807


The year 1807 marks the end of the physical slavery and the beginning of freedom. March 2nd 1807, the United Kingdom forbid the slave trade and subsequently convince all the other nations to follow this process. It will play an important role of sea police who will ensure compliance with the law and control all ships suspected of transporting black Africans. It will thus be one of the first countries to permanently abolish slavery in 1833.


Knowing your history, that of your family, people, country and continent is a great wealth. You know where you come from, you know who you are, you know where you are going. This allows to anchor your roots deep in your mind and better position yourself in the present and prepare for your future. Knowledge does not stop at one color, one origin, one religion.


Never forget that the universe gives you free will. This allows you to determine what is good and what is not. Whoever you are in this world, whatever your skin color, ethnicity, culture, beliefs, education, professional role, gender, sexuality; freedom is a very precious right. He who has a free spirit, his own opinions, fears nothing and no one.

Observe, learn and transmit.

« Who has a FREE MIND is a FREE MAN »
D. Gbessi Boss




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